Fundamentals of Semiconductor Technologies

(Faculty of Mechatronics, WUT)

Integrated circuits (IC) are ubiquitous, sometimes we are not even aware of it. ICs are the basic elements of each electronic device, among them: household appliances, computers and PCs, TVs, sensors mounted in cars and planes, mobile phones, watches, DVDs, MP3 players, etc. The easy integration of ICs with optical or mechanical systems (MOEMS) has allowed the creation of the so-called Systems-on-Chip (SoCs), which are systems that contain a lot of different devices, fabricated by different technologies, and integrated into a single electronic system. The emergence of such systems would not have been possible without the advances in miniaturization and the continuous development of semiconductor devices technology.

Technology which is the study of the methods of fabrication of electronic devices is highly interdisciplinary. It includes the knowledge in many scientific fields such as chemistry, physics, materials engineering, mechanics, optics, and above all - the electronics. ICs a long time ago have entered the scale 'nano’, which is the size of the extremely small objects. The fabrication conditions are also extreme and unique. What are the conditions, what are fabrication techniques, what are the stages of the IC production, how long does it take and how much does it cost...? To these and other questions I will try to answer during this proposed course.

The lecture should have brought a wide range of Listeners the specific conditions and the different steps of the manufacturing process of ICs. Due to the inability to perform practical exercises in 'clean-room ' laboratory, the multimedia presentation will include specially prepared movies depicting the interior of the laboratory and the various technological equipment and processes discussed in the course of the proposed lecture. 


Lecture 1 - Introduction

Lecture 2 - Clean-Room (CR) facility and technology demands

Lecture 3 - Fabrication techniques

Lecture 4 - Photolithography and Etching

Lecture 5 - Doping

Lecture 6 - Fabrication schemes

Lecture 7 - Emerging materials, devices and concepts