Diploma topic areas

(Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies)

Topic 1

Technology and characterization of MOS structures with silicon nanocrystals (Si-NCs)

  • transfer of Si-NCs onto arbitrary substrates

  • optimization of dielectric layers fabrication as the nanocrystals ensembles

  • electrical characterization of fabricated MOS structures

  • fabrication of MOS structures with Si-NCs for memory applications

Topic 2

TFT materials, devices, and structures

  • technology and characterization of IGZO layers

  • technology and characterization of high-k materials as the gate dielectrics

  • 'top-gate' and 'bottom-gate' TFTs technology development and optimization

  • fabrication of transparent materials and optical characterization

Topic 3

Fabrication and characterization of MOS structures with thin, and ultra-thin gate dielectric materials

  • optimization of PECVD ultra-thin gate dielectric materials

  • fabrication of MOS structures with PECVD gate dielectric layers

  • electrical characterization of obtained structures

Topic 4

Ultra-shallow plasma ion implantation - the phenomenon, technology development, and optimization

  • implementation of ultra-shallow ion plasma implantation into MOS technology

  • electrical characterization of fabricated MOS devices

Topic 5

Optoelectronic materials, structures, and devices

  • technology development and optimization of multi-layers composed of semiconductor and dielectric materials in ultra-thin regime

  • technology and characterization of hybrid polymer structures composed of InP active devices and polymer waveguide functionalized by graphene

Topic 6

M(O)EMS technologies

  • technology of dielectric materials with low internal stress

  • wet and dry anisotropic etching of silicon

  • fabrication of 'free-standing' structures by means of sacrificial materials

  • technology os M(O)EMS sensing devices and structures