Technology and characterization of MIS structures with co doped silicon nanocrystals (Si NCs) embedd

In this work, the technology of the metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structures with co-doped silicon nanocrystals (Si‑NCs) embedded in hafnium oxide (HfOx) dielectric layer is presented. The results of structural and electrical characterization of the fabricated test structures are discussed. A good agreement between measurements of thickness of the Si‑NC layers for the spectroscopic ellipsometry and AFM methods was obtained. The spectroscopic analysis demonstrated a presence of Si-NCs of optical properties similar to the monocrystalline silicon. A simulation of the capacitance-voltage-time and current-voltage-time characteristics gave results of a qualitative agreement with the measurement data. Comparative stress-and-sense measurements (I‑t) for the MIS structures with and without silicon nanocrystals proved the essential difference resulting from the charging/discharging processes of the nanocrystals.

More information you can find here: Microelectronic Engineering 178, 298-303 (2017).